Welcome to Me, Blog!

You don't need me to tell you - blogging is big business. It's easy to see why so many people love to blog about their hobby, interests, passion. 

What would you write about?

Just imagine if you could have a beautiful blog, clean-cut design, stylish and specific to your requirements? In many ways a blog just like this. You can.

It's such a thrill telling family and friends of your success, that you have readers from around the world. So when you think: Me, Blog! Just stop for a second and let your imagination run away with you. That burning passion is almost ready to explode into the prose of the most amazing blog you have ever read. Then you realise - it's yours! 

What makes you smile, inspires or simply fills your heart with joy? Blogging is a perfect way to stand out from the crowd and potentially bring you success and accolades. Whether it's business or pleasure there are readers ready to listen to your every word. 

Savour the most beautiful journey...

I remember the day I started my first blog, inspired by my youngest brother who sold his website to a company in San Francisco. It was the beginning of an incredible journey. Even to this day I get a buzz from never quite knowing where my blogs or websites may lead. Who would have guessed from a handful of readers I'd exceed 1 million page views and be corresponding with you here today.    

What better way to share your interest in a subject than blog. Without question this success has been one of my proudest. It has opened so many doors, allowed me to meet and work with incredibly successful, interesting and fascinating people. It has helped forward my knowledge to become an authority within my field, a published author on many forms of media and enjoy the fruits of my labour. 

It's an experience I would recommend to you. 

Sadly many people believe it costs a lot of money to design and develop a website or blog. In fact it often deters the exact people who have most to gain.        

I'll let you into a secret - it needn't cost a fortune.     

Sure there are of companies who would tell you different. To be fair if you want something out of this world you could spend many thousands of pounds. Not here. Whatever your reason for wanting a blog we deliver an affordable, stylish & professional solution in a fraction of the time and money of many competitors. 

Just one payment - it's yours.

So what do you get for your money? A fantastic deal. Your blog will replicate this clean-cut design. Using photos and editorial copy we develop a platform for your small business, hobby or interest. In addition, you will receive free promotion to help you find readers from the very first day your website goes live. Take the opportunity to tell the world of your latest news, photos or business venture. Imagine seeing your blog for the first time - the start of your success story. 

We can make it a reality. 

Our package includes uploading: 

  • A domain name of your choice
  • Header photo
  • Home page + four additional pages
  • Social media buttons: Twitter & Face Book
  • Twitter timeline
  • Rolling script
  • Free website hosting
  • Free promotion - get traffic from day one
  • Total autonomy - to develop your blog as you wish
  • Optional blog management

Owning a blog has never been easier or more cost effective. Within days it can be yours. 

Upon completion, we sign over the blog to you and give you the opportunity to develop and even change the design if you so wish - explained in a free easy-to-follow eBook. Alternatively, simply let us manage your website for a small monthly charge. Simple, fast and affordable.